Fourth of July Fun on Your Grady-White

Looking for ways to enjoy Fourth of July fun on the water? South Florida beaches may be closed, but there’s a world of cruising, fishing and family fun to discover from the comfort and safety of your Grady-White! Just read on for a few fun ideas.

Deck out your space

Fourth of July celebrations will look a little different this year—but even without a parade or fireworks event, you can still sport your spirit by decking out your Grady-White boat! String fabric red, white and blue streamers from your bow rail, for example, or lay out festive colors in the form of spare towels and cozy blankets for breezy ocean cruising.

Visit or learn about local landmarks

Fourth of July is the quintessential American holiday, and a large swatch of national history can be explored right here in the Sunshine State! There are many destinations to cruise by or learn about, such as…

  • Jupiter Inlet Light,


    the iconic red lighthouse just off the Jupiter Inlet (a popular cruising and fishing spot), doesn’t just look good. It once served as the Navy’s Radio Detection Finding Station, a.k.a. Station J, designed to intercept German submarine messages during World War II.
  • Miami Marine Stadium,


    now the popular boat show destination on Biscayne Bay, has been visited by a host of famous national figures, from presidents like Richard Nixon, to all-American artists like Elvis Presley, Sammy Davis, Jr. and more.
  • St. Augustine,


    a longer cruise up the coast but a worthwhile one. This charming coastal city is actually the oldest in all of America! Plus, you can still see slices of its historical roots from the water. The fishing and cruising here are amazing to boot.

Bring festive, boat-friendly snacks

For many of us, the Fourth of July is all about delicious food! Dig in with an on-board picnic for ultimate relaxation this Fourth of July weekend. Some of our favorite picks include red, white and blue fruit parfaits, watermelon-blueberry skewers, mason jar root beer floats and more.

Go fishing for offshore catches

Even during these times of social distancing, you may find the inshore scene a little crowded this Fourth of July weekend. If so, that’s okay—the offshore expanse is ready and waiting to be explored! Put on your lucky fishing hat and try for catches like sailfish, mahi and more. (Mariner’s tip: Keep your eye on the horizon for birds diving down into the water. These feathered friends may be unwittingly cluing you into the presence of small fish—and the larger catches that eat them—in the ocean below.)

Cruise safely

As always, be sure to prioritize safety and comfort on your Grady-White excursion! Slather on the sunscreen and reapply regularly to protect your skin from the sun, and be sure to fuel up adequately for your planned itinerary. Once these essential safety steps are accomplished, it’s smooth cruising from here.

We hope that these tips help you enjoy Fourth of July cruising to the fullest! Still looking for the perfect ride to call your own, for summer boating and beyond? Mariner Marine is here to help. Our wide selection of Grady-White boats has something for every kind of on-the-water style, so take a look and contact us today. We look forward to working with you.

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