7 Surprising Perks of Grady White Fishing Boats

7 Surprising Perks of Grady White Fishing Boats

If you’ve never had the pleasure of hitting the water in any Grady White fishing boats, you’re missing out on enjoying one of the greatest premier boating experiences on the market! 

And if you’re already scanning the inventories of boat dealers in South Florida for Grady White boats, you might be wondering what the big deal is. Why are these vessels so special?

1. Grady White Fishing Boats: The SeaV²

Let’s start with the fact that Grady White fishing boats ride so amazingly well. When you get into one, you’ll be shocked that it makes choppy waters feel as smooth as butter. 

That’s thanks to the innovative SeaV² hull, featuring a continuously variable vee. The keel has no two places where the deadrise is the same, and the vee sharpens all the way from the transom to the bow stem. It’s this variable, deep vee that gives the SeaV² the ability to ride through rough waters without upsetting the boat itself.

You’ll also be surprised at how little spray you’ll experience while riding! There are strakes and chiles that work to knock down the spray, keeping it away from the cockpit, and this elimination of roughness and friction also increases your fuel economy.

2. Interior Rod Racks

When the Canyon 456 debuted, it had a cool new feature that had anglers excited: integrated sliding rack rod storage! Grady White positioned it in the console cabin’s forward gunwales for convenient access. It’s elegant, attractive, and functional.

3. Sliding Seat Backs

Creating new features that don’t quickly devolve into tiresome gimmicks can be a challenge, but Grady White has thought of one that their customers still love almost ten years later! 

The three-position sliding back on their companion seat makes it more versatile than any other. It can tilt, slide, and face in either direction or lock in the middle to create two seats out of one!

4. The AirView AV²

The hardtop enclosure of the AirView AV² first appeared in 2013, designed to be the best of both worlds. Usually, choosing between a hardtop and a soft top means choosing between compromises for the boating experience, but with the AirView AV², you’ll get a hardtop that opens up to give you stunning views and open-air boating that then closes up for protection from the elements. You can even run climate control systems with no fear that gaps will cause a loss of efficiency. It’s solid!

5. The Fold-Down Step

While it might seem like a small perk, you’d be surprised how useful a fold-down step can be. In 2016, Grady White introduced their fold-down cockpit step to make boarding and disembarking easy. Additionally, this step is far more attractive than simply placing a free-standing step on the deck.

6. Incredibly High Customer Satisfaction Rates

True — this isn’t a feature of the boats — but it’s important to point out! Grady White has some of the highest measures of customer satisfaction of any boating company in the world. 

This isn’t a boast on their part, either – it’s easily independently verifiable. Customers come to Grady White time and time again because they know they’ll get a high level of quality and an unmatched boating experience.

7. The Captain Grady App

Thanks to their Captain Grady app, Grady White gives each new boat owner thorough “how-to” explanations for each of the boat’s systems. Rather than just handing customers a dense owner’s manual, the app makes understanding their new boat much easier, turning a new owner into a pro in no time!

Try a Grady White Fishing Boat for Yourself

Don’t just read about Grady White fishing boats! Get on one and onto the water! You’ll be impressed just as so many others have, and that’s why they keep getting new customers. Once someone tries one, they won’t be able to resist getting one for themselves.

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