Mariner Marine’s Guide to Your Snorkeling Adventure

Your Grady-White provides the most comfortable way to cruise, fish and unwind in style—but did you know that it’s just as perfect at providing a glimpse beneath the surface, too? If you’re looking for ways to switch up your on-the-water routine, we can’t recommend snorkeling enough! Read on for a few fun ways to explore.

Pick your perfect snorkeling destination

South Florida is filled with beautiful places to embark upon a snorkeling adventure (to no one’s surprise). The best spot will feature shallow, clear water where you can safely disembark and get an unobscured view of the marine life beneath the surface! A few of our favorite destinations that fit the bill include beautiful Bahia Honda State Park in the Florida Keys, and John D. MacArthur Beach State Park, conveniently nestled in North Palm Beach.

Choose the ideal boat for snorkeling fun

You don’t need a special boat to enjoy snorkeling with your family! “Have boat, will snorkel,” after all.

However, if you find yourself searching for a new boat and want a versatile ride that’s built for all your favorite activities—snorkeling included—be sure to visit Mariner Marine! We have the best selection of Grady-White boats for sale in South Florida, including models like the 2021 Grady-White 375 Freedom. This latest boat is built for fishing, family fun and beyond! Plus, a convenient side dive door allows effortless access in and out of the water for snorkeling success.

Safety first

Safety comes first on the water—including beneath the surface! Slather on the sunscreen (look for bottles marked “reef-safe,” which are specially formulated to avoid damaging marine life), turn off your boat before getting in the water and bring along a diving flag to let fellow boaters know you’re nearby!

Look, but don’t touch

Unlike fighting to land a big catch, or riding a thrilling wake, snorkeling is one of those water activities that doesn’t require much hands-on action or coordination. In fact, all you need to do is gently swim through the marine environment, admiring (but never touching) the coral and colorful sea animals you discover! (This tip is as much about the environment’s safety as your own, as you will also be avoiding potentially sharp rocks and other dangerous formations as well.)

Learn more after your snorkeling escape

Snorkeling is best experienced with wide eyes and a curious spirit for adventure! But once you head back ashore, be sure to follow up on your adventure by learning more about the plants and animals you spotted underwater. For families especially, this is a great opportunity to encourage learning through experience.

We hope that these tips help you craft a splashing start to your snorkeling adventure! Be sure to call or visit Mariner Marine today to find a beautiful Grady-White that’s up to the task at hand—or to simply help your current ride look and run its best. We’re here to help you enjoy your cruising lifestyle to the fullest.

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