How to Care for Your Boat During Summer

Here in South Florida, we’re lucky to enjoy balmy temps and sunny skies all year long! However, at this time of year especially, it is important to show some extra TLC to your boat for maximum performance.

In addition to being the dealer of choice for Jupiter boats for sale, Mariner Marine also provides service, storage and repairs to boats of all shapes and sizes—and over the years, have learned a thing or two about how to best care for your ride! Here is some of our best advice for maintaining your boat this summertime.

Protect your boat from the sun’s rays

Just like you lather on the sunscreen before every great beach day or boating adventure, your boat needs some sun protection, too! You can help preserve your boat’s pristine gel coat and seats by covering your ride when not in use. And every once in a while, after washing your boat, you can add a marine-friendly wax to your boat’s exterior to help preserve the shine (and prevent the fade) even longer.

Rinse after every outing

Exploring the offshore this summer? There’s never been a better time to embark upon an ocean adventure, far removed from the hustle and bustle back on shore. Just be sure to rinse your boat with freshwater after any saltwater adventure, as the salt particles can build up and corrode your boat’s gel coat over time. (Plus, rinsing after hopping from ocean to lake and back again is just good practice for preventing the spread of invasive species.) Pair regular rinses with your normal wash routine for an effortless on-the-water experience.

Prepare for summer storms

Here in South Florida, we are no stranger to summer storms—both routine afternoon thunderstorms as well as tropical storms and hurricanes that brew offshore. Fortunately, you can still make plans today to secure your boat against whatever the weather may bring! Mariner Marine, for example, can provide you with storage options (and serious peace of mind) for storing your boat during dangerous weather, or any time when you need a safe, convenient place to keep your ride. Have a plan in place and prepare to remove items and accessories from your boat before a storm, or before storing it away. Equipped with these tips and the trusted service provided by Mariner Marine, your boat will be prepared for cruising fun this summer and all year long! Contact us today to learn more, schedule storage or find the boat of your dreams.

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